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Closing a gap between review and authoring tools

turns feedback into tasks,
converting online annotations of a document into issues in the author's bug tracking system.

Current State

Development just started. So there is nothing to show for yet. Stay tuned though :)

will start has a github app turning annotations made on paperhive into issues in your github repository.

Ideal Use Case

Best case scenario is the author working on an open educational resource (OER) using LaTeX and publishing the source code in an online repository.

Open Educational Resources

OER are meant to be shared, forked and to incorporate reader's feedback.

Online Annotations

Lots of Feedback will be given by readers who are not familiar with the authoring tools and cant be expected to learn the ropes of the author's issue tracking system.

Online Repository

Online Repositories make it easy to share and fork content. Also: They usually come with version control and bug tracking system.


Having a source code makes it alot easier to fork and update documents. Turning that code into PDFs makes it easy to annotate!

Features to look out for in the future

Is there a feature you would like to see on this list? Tell me :)








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